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For over 40 years, Lori Niell has lived both here in the physical realm and also with one foot on the Other Side, dedicated to helping others connect with their Higher Selves/Soul and find the answers they’ve been seeking. Read testimonials from Lori’s clients below, or share an experience of your own.

Ashley said
Lori has been a true blessing in my life, helping me through some of the most difficult transitions I have experienced. She is a true healer, and cares deeply about those she works with, both in the physical and spiritual realms. With her intuitive guidance, I have been able to see truth, and shift limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve my highest good. I am so thankful for Lori's presence in my life.

Jaime Aguilar said
In January of 2013 my daughter ran away in Colorado Springs and vanished into thin air. We were frantic and were not getting any assistance from the authorities. Lori, was able to help me trust my connection to my daughter. It was a long 3 mths that she was missing without any communication but through Lori reading her safety and helping me trust myself. I was able to tap into my own mothers intuition and believe that when she was ready to come home she would. And, that is exactly what happened. : ) She gave me peace of mind when I was feeling like I was losing all I had.

Paula F. said
I have been blessed to receive Lori's guidance to 'speak' with my deceased husband. It was a difficult year for me ... with many unanswered questions, since he 'left' within only a week's notice of being diagnosed terminally ill. Immediately, she (thru him) called me by a nickname that was solely used by my husband for me, in the most endearing way. While it wasn't the 'sound' of his voice, I knew he was with me in our sessions ... the words used, the personal details, and his sense of humor coming through as strong as ever. It is with high marks that I recommend Lori to work with in 'connecting' with loved ones who have gone to the 'other side. She brought great peace to my ailing heart."

​Kaylyn Harris said
Yikes Lori .... when you told me "he is the one".. I laughed at you. Almost three years later he and I cross paths again and what do you know? Lol ... you were so accurate. I love talking to you about anything and everything. Thank you for what you do, who you are and your loving spirit. I highly recommend you. 

Geryl Lynn said
First, she is easy to speak to and kind and understanding. Second, she is freaky accurate. I love talking to her, she gets it. When i first called three months ago almost everything happened when she said it would. Grateful that she is willing to share her gift. She is worth every penny. 

​Valerie Christy said
Hey, Lori! Just watched U on You Tube -- UR presentation @ a church... Hilarious while sweet, mesmerizing & powerful.... If that makes sense. lol My 17 year old daughter & I would like a 1-hour session -- maybe 1.5 hour em session with U. Do U bring in souls of loved ones who've crossed over, too? The minute I heard U speak I knew I had to meet U! Please tell me U can speak with us over the phone. We're in northern Virginia & UR out west, I'm guessing?... Thank U so much for UR time & consideration! Val 

Lindiwe Lord said
Hey Lori. I wanted to follow up on this reading. I must say I had my mind blown! First part of my reading, about the group of guys, happened when I was in Victoria Falls. My sister had gone back on the path to take a picture. It was raining hard so there wasn't anyone around. I had a big blue rain coat on, hood up, I turned around and these three guys were surrounding me. Asking to take a pic with me. Smile plastered on my face wondering where the heck my sis is. Heart pounding. They just felt wrong. Not friendly, as other people we had encountered thus far. As soon as she came back around the corner those guys bounced away quick. You predicted that. The next one is the real Holy Hanna for me. When you predicted I would run into someone I knew, I was thinking "I was only a little kid how it's this going to happen?" Here's how: A cousin took us out one night. He goes up to chat with the owner, comes back and says he wants to meet us. I was baffled. A little back story before I continue. My Dad's family started out in rural Zimbabwe. My Mom is a white woman from North America She would go to the homestead and do whatever was needed. The club owner, Omega grew up in Gweru and remembers as a child standing at the gates of our homestead watching "the white lady doing what Africans do" He never wanted to run errands into town but loved doing it when he could stop and watch my mom. Said he remembers me as a child running around. RANDOM It was crazy cool to have this moment of connection with a total stranger. Having had an impact on someone without knowing. I could tell he wondered what had happened to us and that seeing us brought something full circle for him. Truly Omega. This moment was so beautiful. Having had you predict it enhanced the experience momentously. I could feel the universe saying "SEE!!!!" AMAZING THANK -YOU​

Katie Szabo said
Lori Niell, I just want to say that you are truly gifted. Your connection and wisdom is a clear and perfect channel for what I need to look at and consider in my life. Tapped in and then presented several amazing revelations you KNEW (still blown away), and easily and effortlessly pulled it to the forefront. What I deemed irrelevant /insignificant you put it together, connected the pieces and became my greatest assets. Had few readings before (I’ve lost faith in them) but yours my dear Lori was much more than a reading: Lori's loving light life coach, lifeline! I'm so very grateful, a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. So recommending it to all my friends!  ​

​Jonathon Goldie said
Lori has helped me greatly getting me in touch with my higher self. It's helped me see the bigger picture of my life (what works, doesn't work...) Her reading very much reassured me of the things I felt intuitively I needed to do in my life such as - letting go of limiting relationships and relocating. She put my purpose into a nutshell... I am an expressive person - I need an audience that is READY for me (of which I do not have in my current location - I have outgrown it in a sense, regarding the 'people' connections I need)...it was like she knew you better than YOU. Like she was having a conversation with the REAL YOU. And it totally is YOU she is speaking with. VERY cool. I also got a glimpse at both future and past. The things I had felt I will be doing are definitely plausible and POSSIBLE. She has given me incredible confidence that I will be doing all the things I feel I am meant to be doing. I guess when she mentioned the past life stuff - it gave me the sense that I've had MANY lifetimes...and that I carry MUCH purpose. Very Much Recommend Lori. ~Jonathon   

Nicole Lengerich said
Lori is definitely gifted. It's as if she gets the grand preview of your blue print. I love her bubbly nature and excitement in laying it out. I left our meeting of three hours as if I going to float away. A definite out of body experience. Thanks Lori for your authentic and humbled guidance. Nicole​​

Wayne Baughman said
I've known Lori Niell forever. That's because I'm her Dad. She was always a very precocious, curious, sometimes ornery young lady along with a very helpful, sweet, loving side. After her first two serious medical experiences, Lori determined that she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up so she could help people get and stay healthy and happy. She diagnosed my heart condition when I and everyone else, including physicians, thought I was in superior condition. I arrived at the point that I wasn't a total believer nor was I a doubter. After more observation and study, I do know that Lori has special extrasensory awareness, instincts, intuition, psychic abilities, whatever, way beyond most others. These are gifts that have helped and continue to help people with many problems in many ways. She's not perfect or 100% accurate; nobody is, but she is "right on" a very high majority/% of the time. It took me a while to come around but I now recommend her services without reservation. Wayne Baughman  ​

​Jennifer Deisher said
Lori is the "real deal". She brings great knowledge, compassion, and Love to every reading and is a great comfort to others. Many go to shrinks or counselors to solve "issues" but I've found that a kind and Loving Heart, such as Lori's, can be more beneficial to Healing the Spirit than ANY "doctor". I am truly blessed to know her and she has brought me deep insight into the Spiritual world. I get the sense that Lori is an "old soul" with a profound knowledge into the inner workings of Life and Love. What a Gift! Thank you, Lori.

Mike Glasgow said
Personal knowledge over 40 years. I know her whole family as well. She radiates energy and caring. Her aura is always bright in vivid blues and greens. What makes her exceptional is her ability to be Empathic and act as a medium to the energy of others, past, present, future. Her uniqueness is apparent within the first three minutes. Your whole being becomes at peace in her presence. We often share insights and I appreciate her sayings and insightful comments. I know you will also. M. A. Glasgow of Spring, Texas.​

Jessica Williams said
She is very understanding and gives excellent advice. Never leaves a question unanswered. She is an amazing coach.​

Kristin Bricker Flannery said
Lori's gift is truly a gift that keeps giving and giving. Her ability to share insights from our higher selves and from loved ones who have crossed-over bring forgiveness, clarity, hope, love and even challenges to truly seek and embrace our life's purpose. Thank you for living in the light so that others may see.

Desiree Pelser said
I would highly recommend consulting with Lori if you have had someone pass that still has messages for you from the “other side”. My Mother- in-Law passed very suddenly and unexpectedly at a relatively young age. In my particular case, my Mother-in-Law approached Lori as a conduit to help me and my family manage through the residual chaos left after her passing. Lori remained objective, unbiased and empathetic as she channeled and passed on critical messages and confirmations on to me. She relayed information that resonated with my situation, that were personal to my family and that only my Mother-in-Law could have known. I have absolutely no doubt that my Mother-in-Law was communicating to me through her. As a result of the consultation, I have been able to put closure on many unanswered questions related to her death and have been able to better help and nurture the immediate family through the journey of loss. Many thanks to Lori for the “gift” she gave me and my family. Desiree Pelser ​

S William Joseph D said
One thing to be noted is that Lori is not like other psychics, because she contacts the higher self and it (at least for myself) was a very different sort of experience from the average ‘psychic’. Her abilities clearly go far beyond that. I had unusually strong emotions during the phone conversation, which was an indication to me that my higher self was very present. I felt the same thing just reading about her near death experiences. So whether it is a past life connection, or something else, I just know she is 'special' when it comes to her gift. And she maintains a friendship connection with her clients, which I think demonstrates her integrity as a life-coach, and support group. I call her a 'soul-whisperer' because that is a truer description of her gift. Her confidence in the divine is true, and I believe it stems from her near death experiences. she helped me to realize what i was supposed to be doing , which was writing , instead of what I was doing , because I was too afraid to accept my true path at the time and I doubted myself . She gets to the heart of the matter, and she has a kind of 'no-nonsense' approach which i believe is thorough and effective. I believe she can help others to get in touch with their destined paths as well. I think anyone whom needs reassurance from their own higher self will benefit from getting in touch with her. 

​Leslie Eissing said
I had a wonderful reading with Lori a few days ago. She really helped me feel much more comfortable with some confusing life situations, both past and present. Being able to see from a Higher perspective, (and it's obvious she can!) she could tell me why things had happened and how they all "fit together". Like providing the missing piece to a puzzle! She also helped me see that my own intuition was really working and that I could rely on it. Very empowering. She has terrific, upbeat energy, the conversation flowed effortlessly, and it just felt great to talk to her. Thank you Lori! ​​

Scott Sutton said
I've known Lori since 1976, our seventh grade year. We even dated for about a year after our twentieth reunion. Lori is the real thing. She doesn't do any of this for her own person gain. She has insights to our other selves. She has had the opportunity to see the other side of death, more than once, and now is able to share it with us through our daily lives. She is very professional and caring in what and how she goes about doing her readings. She has help me to discover more about my spirit leader Raven. If given the chance she can and will help you.​

Kathryn Bunek Lengerich said
Lori really helped me get clear on the direction I should take in many areas of my life. I now feel I can move forward with ease and confidence. Anytime I am at a crossroads I will definitely be consulting with Lori! Her intuition, and wisdom have proven to be dead on. I am so grateful, and appreciative to have had the chance to meet her. Thank you Lori!

Mike Woodward said
Lori is an amazingly accurate Life Coach. VERY high energy!! She was spot on with what I was going through and helped me see that through my life was in turmoil, I was on the right track and doing the right thing. She helped me pinpoint the guides I need to interact with to bring about the positive change in my life.​

Milly said
Interact with Lori on a regular basis through group thinking and interaction for raising conscious awareness and understanding the energies at play in the world. Lori stands out in the group as a shining beacon of support and encouragement. She is bright and intuitive beyond the norm and I can always rely on her for her honest and straight forward opinions and information. She draws from her personal experience and truth and brings solid integrity to the conversation. ​

Barbara Brown said
Had a reading with Lori today feeling much better after talking to her!! Yesterday I was ready to check out just too much going on in my life and after talking with her I'm ready to stop being a victim and pick myself back up and carry on the best I can and look forward to my next reading with Lori. I'd seen something posted on face book awhile back not sure what it was but there was also a lot of other people, but something just drew me to Lori so I asked her for friend request and she did. I had no idea Lori even did something like this, just drew me to her. Now i know what it was- she was someone I need in my life very much she is great. Lori is real and down to earth and tells it like it is SHE'S HEAVEN SENT!!!

Katrina Cobo said
I have known Lori since high school, and we reconnected on FB a couple of years ago! I had a dear friend pass, and was having trouble with his passing, so of course I reached out to Lori, what a blessing she was! Not only did she help me "deal" with his passing, she was able to communicate with him, tell him the things I did not get the chance to tell him....how did I know it was him you ask......the jokes he told her were spot on, what a character, had us both laughing in no time! Lori I love you, you are an amazing friend to all in this world and beyond....I am forever grateful for your gifts!​​

Mike Flannery said
I have known Lori for more than thirty years. Her gifts are genuine. Her desire to help others is sincere. Mark Twain said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you learn why." Lori can help you with the second one.​

Lisett Nevarez said
My experience with Lori was amazing. I felt like I was talking to someone who knew me for ages. She was warm & yet very honest. I really do feel as though she helped me embark on a very important journey. I will definitely be using her abilities in the future.

Anita W. said
Lori and I had a reading about 3 years ago. Several of the things that she had no prior knowledge of that we talked about have been accurate. I would definitely recommend speaking with her! She can offer insight that you may not have thought of before! 

Jonathon Haddon said
Lori does indeed expand on the things that seem small. Those small things (which are the most important thing in life are they not?) bring about huge change, if one notices them. You too could have a reading with Lori! Jonathon :) ​

​Gabriella W said
I have known Lori for about 24 yrs and have to say she has been a beacon of light in many people’s lives! She has the gift of intuition and is willing, ready and able to help anyone in need. Truly an amazing, gifted person.  

​Teresa O'Marra said
Hi Lori..... I just had a reading with you yesterday. Thank-you for your words of wisdom. I have started on my path to a new exciting life. The messages given to me are duly noted and I am grateful for your guidance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a reading from Lori.​

Jamie Konitzer said
Hi Lori. I watched your Denver conference on youtube yesterday and I was very fascinated by some of the things I heard. I’ve studied 1000's of NDE experiences and some of them did mention the word reincarnation in them. It’s a fascinating subject to me. Can you go further into detail on how reincarnation works? Thanks for taking time to read this Jamie 

Scott Mills said
In the midst of failing health unable to work and support my family, Lori gave me several readings that changed the direction of my life. Lori's insights helped me to change careers (at 65 years old no small feat). Lori gave me the strength to 'trust the universe' and it has worked. I am now running a successful business of my dreams. All I can say is thank you Lori for helping me to find my dream job!

Bibiana said
Lori gave me hope, her reading was phenomenal. Her message helps me know that everything is it supposed to be and that everything is ok. Lori I think of your words of hope for me and I am happy that you're excited for the wonderful things that I'm about to receive. Thank you. 

Sue Anderson said
Hi Lori. I was just watching you on YouTube. I would like to have a reading with you if that is possible. Thank you. Sue 

Nathalie Houdret said
Thank you Lori for that fun reading yesterday! And thank you for answering so many of my questions and for being so generous with your time. I am gobsmacked at how spot on you were about a health condition, and I loved all the guidance you channelled through from my soul. I left feeling I had made a friend which is quite a feat considering I had only just met you! I can’t wait for you to publish your book this autumn. I would love another reading again soon ! 

Phone: (719) 495-9168
Text/Cell: (719) 761-4983
Email: Lori@YourSoulHasTheAnswers.com

​Shawn William D said
I also forgot to mention , that in my last phone call with Lori , she told me how my father still sees me and my brother as his "kids" . and if it wasn't for the fact that the last time I had seen my father - he told me and my brother that he will always see us as his kids , I may not have believed her when she said that , or it would have sounded odd to me . ! But the angels really speak through her. So, one of those proofs that are so rare, but so wonderful. If you pay attention, you never know what you will get. ​​

Shawn William D said
Lori functions as many things! She is capable of taking something small in your life and expanding it until we see the big picture. It is hard to imagine being as confident on my path and I am now if it weren't for Lori's angel guidance. She is truly here on a mission, and she proves that time and again. She is a very important soul, and I recommend anyone to be in touch with her, or get a reading from her. Actually, every time I begin connecting to her again, I start having a much stronger connection to my higher self! When I talk to her on the phone I feel emotions swell up, and it is strange, because usually it takes a lot to do that for me. But there is something truly genuine about Lori, and it is a great gift to be able to call her my friend. It would be impossible to forget you Lori, so, Big Thank You! I am blessed:']​

Hilary Laverty said
Had the blessing of having a reading with Lori Niell this evening. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! She is a truly gifted, intuitive and empathetic individual who can easily access divine knowledge and connect to others' higher selves. When interacting with her, you can tell she is 'the real deal'. What she says resonates deeply in my core, in my true self. I appreciated her insight into things I had not yet thought of myself. The energy exchange we had was genuine, real and TRUE. I feel like sharing this with you because if you feel led to get a reading done by her, you should follow your intuition and your soul will praise you for getting in touch with your true SELF. This will not be my last time working with such a beautifully talented and gifted soul as Lori. You will be pleased with the results from creating an energy connection with her and allowing the knowledge to find you through her. Light, love and blessings to you.