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My second and most profound NDE happened a couple months prior to my eighth birthday. It was October of 1972. I had a kidney biopsy at a teaching hospital for the Air Force, called Wilford Hall. It was on Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. The botched biopsy (unintentional on the learning and teaching physicians’ parts) led to a blood transfusion tainted with Hepatitis B. The Hepatitis led to my next near-death experience. This time, a tunnel had appeared after I left my body. I believed my final death had come, that there was no curing the Hepatitis, so I immediately went into that tunnel. Hepatitis was a miserable death, and I was glad to leave my nauseated body behind. As I emerged from the other side of the tunnel, I was greeted by a man wearing a burlap robe with a rope for belt. He was bald on top, with bright blue eyes. I asked him if he was Jesus. He was highly entertained at my question and answered, “No, I am not Jesus. I am the one who greets the children and animals who have no one to greet them upon their deaths.” (Being raised Baptist, and still quite young, I had NO idea who St. Francis even was.) My next question was “Why don’t I have anyone to greet me?!” To which he heaved a heavy sigh and said, “Because you always die before the relatives you know in that lifetime do!” He then asked me if I ever met my grandma’s mom. I told him I had not. He said he could go get her but that she would mean little to me, my having never met her when she was alive. I shrugged and stated that he’d be fine, then. He gave me a sad look and suggested we go sit on some rocks in this beautiful landscape we were in and talk for a while. I agreed to do so. After we sat down, he began by saying to me, “You do this EVERY time!” I replied, “I do WHAT every time?!” To which he responded by telling me that in every lifetime I am given, I exit as soon as possible, at the slightest upset in that lifetime. This was very confusing to me, as I still perceived myself to be 7-year-old Lori. I was being raised in a Baptist family/church. I put my hands on my hips and explained to ol’ St. Francis that I was a Baptist and we don’t believe in reincarnation! He laughed and stated he’d once been a Catholic and they don’t either, but that doesn’t change the Universal Truth of the matter. (Oh, the glow in those blue eyes as he laughed.) He then waved his arm towards the meadow close to where we sat and pointed out the many children and 3 adults all standing there. He asked me if those people looked familiar. As I stared at each one, I realized they REALLY were quite familiar. I knew all about every one of them. As I tried to figure out how that could be, St. Francis pointed out that those were my past lives.  He explained that I had known some hardships in some of those lifetimes. Enough, apparently, that my Soul had become somewhat of a “quitter” when it came to life-in-the-physical. Being the daughter of an Olympic Wrestler and Coach, I did not appreciate being called a “quitter.” I asked him to explain that accusation, and he did. His story eventually boiled down to how good I had it in this lifetime. Parents that loved me, a brother and grandparents that were all good people too. He wanted to know why I wanted to die. I told him that I didn’t “want” to die, I had been a victim of a tainted blood transfusion! To which he patiently replied that every time anyone dies, their Soul chose it, even if their person did not wish for it. I told him to ask my Soul, then. He stated that IS what he was doing. By reminding me that I was the sum of all those lifetimes standing in the meadow and more, that I was really my SOUL and not just a 7-year-old dead Texas girl. It was then that I began to see The Light.

It was during this experience that my future as an Intuitive/Psychic consultant was thoroughly explained to me. I was only clinically dead for 3 minutes or less, but there is no 'time' in *The In-Between* so I had an experience that felt about three years long. When I woke up, I asked my Mom how old I was. That is how much time seemed to have passed for me during the NDE. The concept of Messengers from that *Side* to this physical world was explained at length. If I would agree to become one, I could be restored to life with little complications. I actually declined the offer and was heading into The Light, where we ALL go when we die. As I went into that loving Light I was abruptly halted. St. Francis said, “So much for free will,” laughing again as always, and I woke up in my hospital bed, free of the Hepatitis that was clinically proven as the cause of my demise earlier. I was a 'No-code' at the time, because in 1972, we did not have liver transplants yet. If you had liver failure, you died and there was no point in doing CPR, since the liver apparently could not recover. So, there was no medical staff even trying to save the day that time. It appeared that God had decided I had made the wrong choice, since the other option had materialized. I was back and I was now officially a *Messenger* for the Other Side, *The In-Between*, Heaven, The Light, or whichever label you prefer. From that day forward I could *call* to the dead and speak to them at will. I could *hear* other people’s Souls/Higher-Selves from that point on as well.​

My third, and final NDE was just 5 days prior to my 21st birthday. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy on Christmas Eve 1985. I went to the closest emergency room and they did not have any ultrasound staff available due to the Holiday. They called one in and she took approximately an hour to arrive. During her travel time, I bled out and died in the E.R. from the ruptured fallopian tube. Again, thanks to hasty medical intervention, as with my first NDE, I was saved. In this one, I remained in the hospital setting. No tunnel opened up, as I was focused on my 11 month old son in the waiting room. My Higher-Self appeared bored in the E.R. ceiling area as I was revived. She explained that this “death” would just help me to be clearer about my other work. The work I’d begin when my nursing career one day ended. As I pondered what she could possibly have meant by that, I was revived by the medical staff.

It was these three experiences, my 30 years in the field of Nursing, and numerous other life experiences that make me an expert in my chosen field of Intuitive/Psychic work. I look forward to working with you on whatever issue or issues you may be facing. I will assist you to hear your own Soul/Guidance, as we ALL have it! If you struggle to hear/believe what your Guidance has to say, I will translate that for you as well. Thank you for reading this brief part of my “Lori Story.” I hope to hear from you so that I may assist you in following your Guidance.

The Stories of My Three Near-Death Experiences. (NDEs)

First, it’s important to understand that there are two kinds of near-death experiences. The first kind would be the “close calls”, where death may have occurred without physical or spiritual intervention. But in this kind, the person does not clinically “die” and leave their bodies, they simply almost did! The second kind would be the type in which the person actually “died” because their Soul left the body, and that body was not clinically functioning anymore, as in no pulse, no breathing. There are many of us who have had the second kind. Three of my NDEs, the ones that made me who I am today, were of the second kind. Those of us who have literally crossed over and come back, especially those of us who have done so multiple times, are often the folks who are commonly referred to as psychics, healers, intuitives… and perhaps a few not-so-nice labels as well.

Certified Life Coach and Psychic Consultant
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About Lori Niell

Lori Niell was in the healing profession for 30 years as a nurse, starting in 1983, and has had three near-death experiences in this lifetime. Three times she has had one foot in this world and one foot in the next, with the opportunity to cross over or come back. As a result of these life and death experiences, her intuitive capacities have opened widely. She has the gift of knowing what the death experience is, and the gift of clear and direct communication with her Higher Self, as well as the ability to communicate with the Guidance of others.

In return for these gifts, she has been given the responsibility of sharing her ability to speak with Spirit Guides by providing consultation to those who desire connection with their Higher Selves to answer questions on a host of topics, including struggles with relationships, career decisions, health and medical issues, grief and losses, or near-death experiences and the difficulties that arise when integrating this experience with everyday existence.

In addition to her medical background, and her intuitive capacities opened by her near-death experiences, Lori is a Certified Life Coach.  As such, Lori brings the advantageous combination of direct personal experience and professional perspective to the table, maximizing her client's experience.  Lori not only answers questions, she helps you find and follow your life's path.

My first NDE happened at the age of 5 years old. My school’s routine hearing screening showed me to be deaf in my right ear. Having no known cause, my physician decided to do exploratory ear surgery on that ear to determine what the problem may be and if it was able to be corrected. On the hospital floor, prior to going down to the surgery area, my nurse gave me two pre-operative injections of Demerol and Valium. This was the routine prior to surgery. In her haste, she forgot to document those injections in my chart. When I got down to the surgical check-in, the nurse there noted I had not yet had my pre-op injections, and she proceeded to inject each of my arms with what the nurse upstairs had injected just minutes earlier into each side of my buttocks, more Demerol and Valium.  At such a young age and weight, when they put me under anesthesia for my surgery, I had an immediate cardiac arrest. I was already overdosed on narcotics before they put the anesthesia on board.

Due to my familiarity with the television show “Emergency!” centered around two paramedics, even at my young age I was aware of what the EKG machine was, and what a flat line meant. I was quite interested as I watched the medical staff scurry around in the attempts to save my life after I coded. I could feel what each of them felt and knew what each of them were thinking as they thought it. After a moment, it dawned on me that this wasn’t a TV show. I was above my own body looking down on a room full of people trying to save my life. The EKG line was flat and the alarms were sounding.  The moment I realized I had died, I was aware of how it happened. It was just a matter of fact that the injections, topped with the anesthesia caused an overdose death. My first thought was of my mother, in the waiting room. I thought “My mommy is going to be so mad at these people!” As soon as I thought of my Mother, I was right next to her. In the waiting room, watching her stare at a TV she wasn’t really watching. I tried to tell her what had happened, but she was “ignoring” me. That was when I realized I didn’t really have a body, no hands to tap her with and no mouth with which to speak to her. While I tried to understand that I was something besides just my physical body named “Lori”, and that “she” was still in the operating room, I watched someone come to notify my mother that there was a problem in the operating room. As I watched that exchange, I was suddenly jerked away and back in my sleeping body. They had used the defibrillator paddles to revive me and given me meds to counteract the overdose. They had saved my life by restarting my heart.  In this experience, I stayed within the hospital setting but experienced what it is to be out of body. They retried the surgery later, only to discover that my deafness was not surgically correctable. I had too many layers of tympanic membrane (the “ear window”) and there were no options to increase the very slight hearing I do have in that ear. From this experience on, I was reconnected to my own Soul/Guidance. The inner voice we all have, yet only some seem to hear. My Soul simply conveyed this to me at the time: “You hear the physical world through your left ear, and you hear the spiritual world through your right ear. It’s just how we planned it all along.” I accepted that without any questions at the time.