Phone: (719) 495-9168
Text/Cell: (719) 761-4983

  • 1/2 hour Follow-up – $60

  • 1 hour Session 2 Persons (Couples, Friends, Parent/Child) –  ​$150​

NOTE: Due to the volume of intuitive information that Lori Niell receives and shares with you, all first-time clients need a minimum of a 1-hour session for their first consultation. (1 ½ - 2 hours can be scheduled if desired. This is not at all uncommon and is wise if you have numerous issues to cover.) Thereafter, most clients still schedule 1-hour sessions, but ½-hour follow-up sessions are available to address specific issues that are limited in scope.

All of Lori Niell's initial consultations are guaranteed, or your purchase price returned. By that, she means that if you do not feel that she *connected* with your situation at all, she would not expect to be paid. She can say this with confidence only because it does not happen often. In the rare event that it does occur, refunds MUST be requested within 30 days of the consultation.


Life Coach Sessions, Psychic & Medium Consultation Services

Lori is available to do group Readings, commonly called “Psychic Parties” where she does a short presentation about what she does and how she does it and then goes into a private area to do individual Readings for $2/minute per interested guests. Minimum of 4 people, maximum of 8.        

  • 1 hour Session (Individual) – $120

  • 1.5 hours Session (Individual) – $160

  • 2 hours Session (Individual) – $210​

​However, if someone were to exercise their right of non-payment for that reason, they should not expect any response from Lori if they call to ask follow-up questions or to get a new consultation. ​She already does a great deal of this work on a volunteer basis, and would appreciate everyone's understanding that she also does have to make a living and pay the bills that living a life creates. For those who truly cannot pay her unusually low fee, she is often willing to barter/trade for goods and services as well. All things are negotiable.

​Most consultations are best done by a telephone. For local clients I may schedule a face-to-face consultation, but best results are done over the phone.

Certified Life Coach and Psychic Consultant
Intuitive, Medium and Channeling Services