Certified Life Coach and Psychic Consultant
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Psychic Readings, Medium and Channeling Services, Certified Life Coach. Connects to individual's Souls for accurate, personalized advice about their life path.When faced with a need for answers, Lori Niell can help you access your own soul for guidance.

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Your Soul or Higher Self is always communicating with you, nudging you along your spiritual path.
Some people sense their guidance only subtly, some not at all, while others have experienced traumatic life events or near death experiences that have opened up their intuitive awareness and communication with their Higher Self more than they ever thought possible.

In all cases, our Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, or however you choose to refer to them, are always present and willing to communicate the messages that are delivered for our benefit.

Lori Niell can help you unfold your awareness and interpret the messages your Soul is offering so that you can courageously move forward with your life's mission.

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Email: Lori@YourSoulHasTheAnswers.com

“MANY PEOPLE ARE AT A POINT where they can benefit from an intuitive reading by connecting to their Higher Self through me to ask questions and communicate with their Guardian Spirits in order to:

  • Strengthen their awareness of how they are contributing (for better or worse) to the energy and outcome of a situation

  • Develop their sensitivity to hearing their own Guidance and affect positive shifts in their life

  • Understand why certain issues or patterns in their relationships are recurring

  • Attain a sense of peace and spiritual perspective about lessons in this life

  • Integrate healing changes when faced with painful challenges

  • Assist with the grief process when a loved one is seriously ill or has died

​While it may elude us at times, there is always “rhyme and reason” for the events of our lives.”